Henshin History

Episode 6 - Black Ghost’s TED Talk

December 15, 2017

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THIS WEEK: This show is DEFINITELY SUPER FUN and not at all exploring heavy themes possibly unfit for children; Skull's TED Talk goes very poorly; no one remembered to animate the baby AGAIN; Sven's memory of Simpsons' jokes is literally nonexistent; Alexa would kill a man to live in a spooky gothic mansion in the woods; nothing good happens in churches or orphanages; even for 2001 this show can't shake its '60s roots; Alexa has never seen Shark Tank but you'd never know it with her pitch; Sven stops Alexa from ruining one of the best parts of a future episode; and this has got to be the work of an enemy Stand.

We talk about a depiction of suicide in this episode. It runs from 1:48:46 to 1:51:06 for those who need to skip that.

* Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier (2001) 5-8
* Episode 4 Addenda
* Dramatis Personae: A Quick Recap
* No one is actually good at coping in this show
* Albert Heinrich Is Literally More Metal Than You
* 009 and Ishinomori's love of tragic heroes
* If Alexa stops making Homestar Runner jokes for even a minute, she will die
* Joe's vehicular knowledge comes from Tokyo Drift and nothing else
* Spooky mansion episode with a spooky lady with spooky eyes
* ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ
* We have to kinkshame GB
* Black Ghost's R&D crew is on some REALLY good shit
* Cyborg ga Gotoku
* There is not a single legit orphanage in all of Japanese media
* The evil organization is always responsible, always
* Attack of the GIANT-SIZE MAN-THING
* We have to talk about KKK hoods for a hot second
* Big Evil Guy Trade Show
* Van's still mad about nukequakes
* The Dolphin is rad as fuck
* Joe you are the WORST babysitter
* The State Of Evil In The World Of Cyborg 009
* Joke Time Is Over Now
* What Did We Learn?
* Non-Riders who are part of the Rider Canon


* "Fight! Seven Riders!! Showa Rider Taisen" - Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Megamax
* "Omen" - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders OST
* Chiaki Ishikawa - "Taga Tame Ni"

Visual Companion.

NEXT WEEK: Back to Kamen Rider! Introducing... a new friend, with 100% less broken legs!

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