Henshin History

Episode 48 - The Power Of… Doovoo

November 25, 2018

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THIS WEEK: Van and Sven are left to their own devices to examine the unfortunate Baron Tusk and all the unpleasantness within his arc. In this episode, Sven's preferences are outted; props are broken; patience is tested; Sven's vision problems count as weighted armor; the two northern-living members of the podcast get real picky about snow effects; Van takes a trip down Rider's shared timeline; a lot of really great questions are asked; and we are very tired of saying the word "doovoo".

* Kamen Rider V3 (1973) 31-35
* Skull Warthog, Onibi Walrus, Snow Wolf, Primordial Tiger, Vampiric Mammoth
* Baron Tusk, the "Doovoo" witch doctor
* Skeleton Warriors!
* A tangent on voodoo zombies
* Tuxedos...?
* Doppleganger plots!
* Ken Sakuma as a discount Taki
* Ghostlight effects
* Weirdly poignant death scenes
* Photochemical smog
* Junko's questionable friend circle
* Continuity re: weaknesses
* The Double Riders return!
* Timeline trouble with the Primordial Tiger
* Combination attacks!
* Particularly gruesome practical effects
* A chain of incredibly deadly ruses
* The good and the bad (mostly bad) of Baron Tusk
* Listener questions: Rider professions

* “Fight! Seven Riders!! Showa Rider Taisen” – Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Megamax
* Hiroshi Miyauchi – “Fight! Kamen Rider V3”
* Jin, feat. Shoichi Taguchi - "Kagerou Days" - Mekakucity Actors
* Ichiro Mizuki, feat. the Columbia Yurikago Children’s Choir – “Song of the Kamen Rider Scouts”

NEXT WEEK: The... uh... end... of Inazuman.

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