Henshin History

Episode 39 - Too Much High Power, Man

September 22, 2018

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THIS WEEK: After some judicious fast-forwarding, we're leading up to the finale of Android Kikaider. This week, the gang tackles the introduction to Jiro's iconic rival, Hakaider! In addition, we discuss what we like (and dislike) about Kikaider so far; DARK needs money; we deal with miscommunications abound; we discuss insanity pleas, property law, and Star Trek: The Next Generation; Alexa completely annihilates our outro; and Kikaider just has TOO MUCH HIGH POWER, MAN.

* Android Kikaider (1972) 35-38
* Black Crow, Stag Beetle Blue, Starfish Purple, Hakaider
* Why we're jumping ahead; series thoughts thus far
* The skipped episodes
* The Birds & Birdemic
* Ninja clown magic
* Power-line power-ups
* Shin vs Neo Getter Robo
* The Demon Circuit
* SOS brain signals
* Jiro's short-out & ensuing reputation decay
* Mari vs. Hanpei as secondary characters
* Miscommunication station
* Casual child kidnappings
* "The measure of a man"
* Rumors: Kikaider, Star Wars, Robocop, & Space Sheriff Gavan
* Hakaider vs. Kikaider
* Saburo, Ichiro, and Protoman
* The truth(?) behind Hakaider

* “Fight! Seven Riders!! Showa Rider Taisen” – Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Megamax
* Yuuki Hide - “Go Go Kikaider”
* The Swingers - "Dark Rock"
* Ichiro Mizuki - "Hakaider's Song"

NEXT WEEK: Satanic ritual weddings and wrecking-ball training sequences.

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