Henshin History

Episode 21 - With Apologies To Alex Trebek

May 19, 2018

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THIS WEEK: After a rocky start to season 2, Cyborg Soldier finally finds its feet. In addition, the historians tackle the differences between their least-favorite writers, 009 is so very done with his cyborg uncles; 004 is the least okay he's ever been in his life; Van should not be trusted with shapeshifting powers; Joe Shimamura has an extended visit to the Speed Force and does not like it; Sven will not tolerate slander about 1999's The Mummy; 003 gets her short time in the action spotlight; and if you're being written by Toshiki Inoue, blink twice!

The animorphs podcast Van mentions in this episode is Morph Club, hosted by Megan Brennan and Carey Pietsch (@morphclubcast on Twitter). Check it out!

* Toshiki Inoue and Shoji Yonemura
* Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier (2001) S2E5-S2E8
* Listener corrections
* Monster Island's doctors & flora and fauna
* Still trying to make sense of Pyunma's powerset
* 002's pragmatism vs. his behavior in "Little Visitors"
* Damn, 004, you live like this?
* Royalty-free thunderclaps & animation quality
* Gilmore & Heinrich in the bad old days
* Van has been jittering in anticipation for "Frozen Time" for months
* [deranged cackling meltdown]
* Shocker plots...?
* 003 gets to do the hero thing
* Missed opportunities (relationship dynamics edition)

* “Fight! Seven Riders!! Showa Rider Taisen” - Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Megamax
* Merv Griffin - "Think!" - Jeopardy
* Chiaki Ishikawa - “Taga Tame Ni”

NEXT WEEK: The boys are back in town.

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