Henshin History

Episode 18 - Dr. Dracula

April 28, 2018

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THIS WEEK: We finally return to Kamen Rider to meet the new Shocker lieutenant: Dr. Dr - I mean, Dr. Shinigami. In addition, Toei learned maybe the wrong lesson about cycling out side-characters; Taki doesn't know how to dress himself if it isn't a disguise; Rider should know better than to raw super; Snowman has worse facial blindness than Van does; Dr. Shinigami is a Dwarf Fortress overseer; we get distracted by talking about all the toku locations we recognize; and always remember to drink your Hayato Hating Juice. 

* New characters in the show
* Kamen Rider (1971) 40-45
* Snowmn, Ghoster, Flymn, Pranodon, Moldbinga, SLUGZILLA
* Creative(?) new magma schemes
* Return of our prodigal son
* Myriad minute costume revisions
* Revisiting Hongo and Hayato's personalities
* Rider Double-Kick
* Sven's cracked the code!
* "You better not be tricking me >:|" "lol i tricked u, idiot"
* [blblblblb noises]
* "It's Emi...?" "She's got a gun!"
* Gun sound effects
* Recycled recycling
* Future Sven's powers of reverb
* Killer bunnies!
* Shocker's upper-management is demoralizing and mean
* Throwback to Zol's plan in ep. 33
* "How do you define a Kamen Rider?"

* “Fight! Seven Riders!! Showa Rider Taisen” - Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Megamax
* Masato Shimon - “Let’s Go! Rider Kick!” and “Kamen Rider no Uta”
* "Green Hill Zone" - Sonic The Hedgehog - Masato Nakamura

NEXT WEEK: Jet gets punched by the Statue of Liberty and rightfully deserves it.

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