Henshin History

Episode 16 - We Know The Devilman (feat. Tara Wrist)

April 13, 2018

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CONTENT WARNING: Devilman (and Crybaby especially) has some topics that are sensitive to talk about on the podcast. Notable discussions include violence, gore and dismemberment, sex and sexuality, abusive relationships, a sexual assault/rape scene, suicide, cannibalism, incest, and general navigation of queer (& queercoded) characters and LGBT experiences. Oh, and blasphemy. Lots of blasphemy.

SPOILER WARNING: This podcast episode covers much of the nitty-gritty of Devilman Crybaby, including SPOILERS for the whole run! If you are interested in watching Devilman Crybaby, be forewarned: We can't discuss it here without discussing the big moments.

THIS WEEK: The Historians are two-thirds back from their sudden disappearance, and have brought a friend on Easter to talk with them about Satan apologism. In addition, Go Nagai is the original horny on main; we try and fail to avoid mentioning Homestuck; Van was lied to on Twitter; Ryo Asuka believes in biotruths; we're all definitely going to hell; and Devilman died for your sins.

* Sven's mispronounciations are at an all-time high
* The many freaky faces of "Crazy Uncle" Go Nagai
* A not-so-brief history of Devilman and its adaptations
* Devilman Crybaby Roundtable
* Devilman has influenced a LOT of stuff
* Dramatis Personae
* Two nonreligious agnostics and a lapsed catholic-turned-atheist
* Devilman's deconstruction of the heroic power fantasy
* Akira and Ryo's relationship and the Nasty Power Dynamics thereof
* The Sirene Fight and The Many Different Kinds Of Love
* Things Bad Happen
* On Devilman Crybaby Making You Care
* Burying Your Gays and The Big Queer Elephant In the Room
* Ryo Got Literally Everything Wrong
* God Isn't A Bastard, He's Just An Eldritch Entity
* The Final Battle, and the Relay Race Metaphor
* Animation Trivia, and what Science Saru brings to Devilman's Themes
* Why did we cover Devilman on the podcast, anyway?
* Van's Foray Into Devilman's Spinoffs And Pseudo-Sequels

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Our friend Tara Wrist, who took time out of her day to debate with us about Devilman! Follow Tara on twitter here!

* "Fight! Seven Riders!! Showa Rider Taisen" - Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Megamax
* "D.V.M.N. ~Theme From DEVILMAN crybaby~" - Kensuke Ushio - DEVILMAN crybaby Original Soundtrack
* "Devilman No Uta" - Kensuke Ushio - DEVILMAN crybaby Original Soundtrack

NEXT WEEK: We get vaguely back on track with an extremely non-canon crossover.

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